Battle of Sacramento, KY - Living History Day

Living History Day
FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2018 (Schedule is tentative and may change closer to event)

Welcome to the 24th Annual Battle of Sacramento, Kentucky!

This is where Civil War history was made, and you can
be a part of that today.  

Friday (May 18th) is Living History Day where we offer multiple opportunities, listed below, to meet and participate in activities that will deepen your appreciation for the way things were nearly 156 years ago.

We encourage you to visit and participate in as many of them as you can...and maybe you will want to be a reenactor for the 24th Battle of Sacramento!  Be emboldened to seek experiences, ask questions, and take as many photos as you would like. You are welcome to visit the camps but PLEASE respect their privacy. These tents are actually their homes during the event. Perhaps you would like to observe a surgeon at work or help to raise a tent! And do post your pictures and "share on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

REMEMBER! Children & Senior Citizens just pay $5 on Friday ONLY.
(Pay once and receive a special button that gets you in ALL THREE (3) DAYS!

     Schedule of Living History Modules - Battle of Sacramento Event
Friday, May 18th, 2018
 Each event listed below will be available at TWO DIFFERENT TIMES, and last about 20-30 minutes or so.  That will allow visitors to make choices as you plan your day without conflict.  Please don't hesitate to ask for directions and suggestions as you walk, learn, and participate.

10 am - 3:30 pm

“Civil War Camp Music” - Pvt Lex Conatser, Cobb's KY Battery, CSA, and camp musician extraordinaire – discussion of the importance of camp music during the American Civil War, accompanied by his performances on the fiddle. Location: back porch area of the Nall-Moore house on the grounds.

10:30am, 2:00pm

“The Dismounted Cavalry” - Pvt Mark Gehlhausen, 7th TN Cavalry, Dismounted – display, discussion, and active demonstration of the uniforms, special equipment, and tactics of the dismounted cavalryman. Location: at the crossroad just west of the registration center near the gate entrance to camps.

11:00am, 3pm
“Civil War Flags, Union and Confederate”- M/M Spencer & Linda Brewer - display, discussion, and demonstration of the history of flags during the American Civil War.  Location:  just south and west of the Nall-Moore house on the property.
11:00am, 3:00pm
“Sounding the Calls” - Sgt D. Henry, Bugler for the 10 IL Voluntary Cavalry Regt, USA – Sgt Henry will discuss and demonstrate the importance of bugle calls in battle, and how critical they were to control troop movements in the days before field radios. Location: near the monument in front of the Nall-Moore house, on the property.
11:30am, 2:30pm
“School of the Soldier” - Pvt Dennis Hutchinson, 31st IN Regiment of Volunteers, USA – an introduction to uniforms, equipment, and accouterments of the typical infantry soldier. Primer on the Manual of Arms. Location: immediately behind the Nall-Moore house on the grounds.
12:00n, 4:30pm
“Meet General Robert E. Lee” - General Lee, in the person of David Chaltas, will receive visitors, entertain questions, and otherwise engage with folks. Location:  on the front porch of the Nall-Moore house on the property.
12:30pm, 5:00pm
“Joshua Chamberlain, Lion of The Union”- Medal of Honor winner, College President, Governor of Maine, will be here in the person of Brian Waite. Come hear his historical, inspiring speech to soldiers just before the battle at Gettysburg, ask questions, and learn. Location: front porch of the Nall-Moore house on the property.
1:00pm, 4:00pm
“Hands on the Big Guns” - 2nd Lieutenant Jeff Stokes, Cobb's KY Battery, CSA, and ballistics consultant to the Battle of Sacramento Committee – Introduction to uniform, equipment, and accouterments of the artilleryman. Review of basic artillery drill during battle. Location: on the field in the CSA artillery camp.
1:00pm, 4:00pm
“Eyes and Ears of the Armies” - Col T. Henry and Maj C. Milburn, 10thVolunteer Cavalry Regiment, USA – Introduction to the equipment, tactics, roles and responsibilities of the cavalry, including demonstrations of original equipment and weapons. Location:  on the field in the Federal Cavalry Camp, behind Nall-Moore House on the property.
1:30pm, 5:30pm
“Meet President Abraham Lincoln” - Old Abe, in the person of David Wolfe, will receive visitors, discuss his early years in Kentucky, entertain questions, and encourage discussion. Location: on the front porch of the Nall-Moore house, on the property.
Visit and tour the Nall-Moore House:  This 1830s two-story log home has been extensively restored, and contains some period artifacts and furniture. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Nall donated the house to the Battle of Sacramento.
Notice the cabin that serves as the Registration site for the Battle of Sacramento. The cabin was donated by the John Muster family and restored by the BoS Committee and other community volunteers.
Visit the field hospital and aid station and meet Cptn D. Day for demonstrations, displays, and information about medical/surgical issues during the American Civil War. Location:  Look for the red Confederate Medical Unit flag on the north end of the Confederate Artillery Camp.
Look for the engineer and his rocket launcher apparatus.  Location:  on the battle ground near the trees on the north side.
Visit “The Homestead” and the Reckner family.  They will have their tent and other compound structures, and their farm animals, set up for visitors.  Location: in the area immediately east of the registration cabin.
Visit the rope maker. Rope was a vital commodity in the mid-19th century before the days of nylon, plastics and machine braiding. See it in use throughout the camps and learn how it was made back in the day. Location: Homestead Area.

Stroll through the sutler area where you will find merchants who sell uniforms and other equipment for reenactors, ladies dresses and niceties, and even blankets, boots, and tents. You may even purchase a "housewife"! Look for candle maker, blacksmith and other craftsmen and women as you stroll and do sample a little sarsaparilla or kettle corn along the way. Click here to check out our Sutler Page. If your school did not receive a packet of information, contact Marilyn Green or calling (270) 792-5300.Location: On the south end of the Battle site just past the food vendors near KY-81.

Just north of the sutler area, west of KY-81, are the many food and drink merchants. Enjoy lunch, dinner or supper from one of the excellent vendors, and quench your thirst with a cold beverage. Location: Can't miss it! just follow your nose to some delicious food!

Friday, May 18, 2018 - 09:00
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