Devotion for the Week of February 25, 2013 - GOD’S HAND IN THREE KEY BATTLES


Exodus 14:14, “The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.”  

Just prior to the beginning of the Revolutionary war, God showed His hand in American History in three specific battles.  The first occurred in 1746 when France sent half of its fleet to America to conquer the colonists and establish a Roman Catholic colony.  I first read about this event in ”The American Covenant” by Marshall Forster and Mary-Elaine Swanson.  Since that first encounter of reading about this event, I read about it in several other books, including Noah Webster’s book on American history.  I mention this because this event is not covered in any history book I have ever studied.

On June 20, 1746, a fleet of about seventy ships set sail for New England.  At first they encountered a long delay due to calm winds, and then a tremendous storm that destroyed many of the ships.  When the French finally reached America, they found that their reinforcements had left and returned to the West Indies.  During this time about 3,000 men died from a pestilence.  Finally, another large storm came and completely destroyed what was left of the might armada.

While all of this was going on, Churches all over New England had been fasting and praying for God to deliver the colonies.  Remember, at this time America was a group of independent colonies and had no navy to defend them.  God gave them a great victory without firing a shot.  Exodus 14:14 says; “The Lord shall fight for you and you shall hold your peace.”  Sometimes our best plan for victory is to let the Lord fight on our behalf.
The second battle took place during the French and Indian war.  During the battle of Fort Duquesne (modern day Pittsburgh), the British were being slaughtered by the enemy.  George Washington had several horses shot out from under him, and found bullet holes in his hat and coat. 

Several years latter an Indian chief came up to Washington and said “you are the great leader who cannot die”.  Washington asked him for an explanation. The chief said that during the battle of Fort Duquesne, he had instructed his braves, braves that to that point never missed their target, to shoot the tall white leader.  He said that he alone had shot at Washington some 18 times.  The chief said he told his men to stop shooting and concluded that the Great Spirit had his hand on Washington.  George Washington realized that God had spared his life in order to accomplish some great purpose in days to come.
The third battle was also during the French and Indian War in the Battle of Quebec.  This battle was the key battle of the war.  Whoever won this battle would be the ultimate victor of the War.  This battle would decide if America would be Catholic and French, or protestant and British.

God’s hand was seen in several key parts of the battle. First of all, the British came up with the idea of flying French flags on their ships as they reached the French guides that piloted the ships through the shoals.  The English captured the French pilots, and forced them to guide their ships to a position to lay siege on Quebec.  The French tried to break up the siege by sending fire ships into the British ships.  However, the fire ships blew up prematurely and the British suffered no losses. 

The third way God intervened was when the landing party sent by the British was discovered by the French.  The leader of the landing party spoke French and said they were there to deliver supplies.  The French actually were expecting a delivery at that place and time.  By the time the French discovered they had been deceived, they were overpowered, and the landing party was able to make preparation for the attack on the Plains of Abraham.  The British won the victory and the war.

These three battles demonstrate the fact that God has been working to accomplish His will in American history.


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