Devotion for Week of August 20, 2012 - KNOT-HOLE CONVERSION


Proverbs 11:30, “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise.”         

Chaplain, Rev. Charles Quintard relates the conversion of Confederate General Braxton Bragg.           

I made very earnest appeals to the offices and soldiers of our army to confess Christ as Saviour.  But there was one man in the army I felt I could never get at.  He was the Commander-in-Chief, General Braxton Bragg.  He had the reputation of being so stern and so sharp in his sarcasm, that many men were afraid to go near him.         

Late one afternoon being very burdened for the soul of General Bragg, I went to seek an audience.  I found two tents and a sentry at the outer one, when I asked for General Bragg the sentry said: “You cannot see him.  He is very busy, and has given positive orders not to be disturbed, except for a matter of life and death.”  That cooled my enthusiasm and I returned to my own quarters; but all night long I blamed myself for my timidity.           

Wrestling with my timidness all night, the next morning I went back to again seek an audience with General Bragg.  When challenged as to whether it was a life and death matter, I replied it was.         

Being admitted to the General's tent I was welcomed but told to come to the point as the General was very busy.  I was frightened because of the General's gruff and mean reputation.  I seated himself, fixed my eyes on a knot-hole in the pine board floor and witnessed to the general about the blessed Saviour.  When I had mustered enough nerve I looked up and saw that General Bragg had tears in his eyes and I took courage to ask the general to accept Christ.  The General said he had been waiting 20 years for someone to tell him about Jesus and thanked me from the bottom of his heart.

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