Dr. Bryan Ferrell, Pastor Timberlake Baptist Church

"…Twenty-five years is a long time to do anything. It is a milestone in marriage, in employment to a company, and even 5 years beyond what is considered full service in the military. A person who reaches such a milestone is usually given a special gift or memento acknowledging their loyal service. If that is the case of earthly things how significant must it be for eternal matters such as 25 years of ministry! Well that is what is happening in 2009 as Alan and Faith Farley, and their family, mark 25 years of faithfulness.

The ministry of Re-enactor's Missions for Jesus Christ was launched at the Bentonville Battlefield, near Bentonville, North Carolina, in November, 1984 and since that time the Farleys have faithfully proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus Christ and ministered to hundreds of thousands. Surrendering there to God's call to evangelism, Alan and Faith have been meeting the needs of the re-enactment community of over 60,000 worldwide and hundreds of thousands of spectators. Because of their unique ministry I have observed the Farley family reach people with the Gospel that probably would never darken the door of a church. Yet these same people will come regularly and sit under Alan's uncompromising yet grace filled preaching.

Through many weeks of travel and forsaking the comforts of home, the Farley family crisscrosses the country preaching at re-enactments, churches, schools, and other venues. They are faithful members of Timberlake Baptist Church and are vital to our local church ministry. I praise the Lord for them.

So what do you give a family who has been faithful in ministry for 25 years? Well the reward is in heaven and it's much greater than a memorial plaque but until that time we can give thanks to God for their lives and pray He will give them another 25 for His glory. Congratulations Farleys and Happy 25th Anniversary to RMJC."

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